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Who are we?

Double Nickel Advisors is dedicated to personal and comprehensive service. With decades of experience in California public affairs, Speaker Emeritus Pérez and the team at Double Nickel Advisors bring our clients a focused, principled approach to navigating stakeholders and institutions. 


John A. Pérez

Principal and Founder

Speaker Emeritus Pérez brings to bear his years of experience in the state legislature and decades of experience impacting statewide policy. Building on this experience, Double Nickel Advisors is able to offer our clients a nuanced view of the political landscape in the state of California and lay out the most effective method for accomplishing our clients’ goals.


Media Coverage


November 1, 2019

Q&A: Raise UC tuition? Eliminate SAT tests? Board of Regents Chairman John A. Pérez has something to say

"John A. Pérez understands both power and poverty. The son of a sheet-metal worker from Mexico, Pérez grew up in what were the low-income neighborhoods of El Sereno and Highland Park in the 1970s. A labor union organizer, he was elected to the Assembly..."


Teresa Watanabe


November 8, 2019

UC defends its best and brightest: its DACA students

"At the University of California, where I chair the Board of Regents, we see the fallacy of that mind-set every day, at each of our 10 campuses, five medical centers and three national laboratories. Immigrant students, scholars and professors have helped make UC the premier public research university system in the nation, the academic home to 65 Nobel Prize winners, and students from..."


John A. Pérez


May 25, 2014

Column:  As Assembly speaker, he helped tame the budget. What’s next for John Pérez?

"John A. Pérez became speaker of the Assembly, arguably the second-most powerful position in California, on March 1, 2010. When he took the oath, the state faced the highest unemployment rate in its recorded history and a budget shortfall of $60 billion..."


Jim Newton

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